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Professionals and Experts in Facilities Management

With over fifty (50) years collective management experience, it will not be an overstatement to boldly describe ourselves as professional and experts in our chosen field of endeavour. Our management team have the requisite academic, professional and on the job experience needed to profer solutions to your varying facilities trouble.
Leveraging Technology and available expertise at our disposal, we assure you of best services always in the field of facilities management.


Acme, is led by Taofeeq Awoyoola, a seasoned Facilities Manager with masters degree in Environmental Planning and Protection from the prestigious University of Abuja. He is a professional member of International Facility Management Association (IFMA) based in the United States of America and has passed the competency tests to qualify and be addressed as a Facility Management Professional (FMP).  

Mr. Awoyoola has managed and still  managing many facilities belonging to government establishments, private  businesses, non- governmental organizations as well as private individuals by providing Hard and Soft services to our numerous clients. He is Savvy in man- management and proferring solution to facilities trouble, especially where the human traffic is high.  As a professional in this field, he has travelled to many European countries on professional facilities tour and has built a unique professional networks in other parts of the globe to deliver best services to our clients at home.

Taofeeq Awoyoola FMP


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Our History

Superior Facilities Management Services

2017 till date

Our Most Efficient Year

The last Six (6) years has been awesome for us as a business entity. Despite that the company was incorporated in the year 2010, activities, expertise and patronage was at the lowest ebb, but from the year 2017, this company has been moving and developing in leaps and bounds and since then we have been using every opportunities we have to develop further and aiming to become globally recognised as an FM company.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

We are registered by CAC, BPP and other relevant government agencies to practice.

100% Guarantee

Acme is a one-stop shop where all your facilities trouble are solved quickly.

Quality Material

We procure the best in equipment and consumables in our service delivery.

Working With The Best

Our Clients


We are humble to mention some of our locations, where we add value and contribute towards improving the productivity of the Core businesses in the locations environment.

Procuring the best state-of-the art equipment to deliver world class service to our clients always.

We go extra mile by giving our staff adequate training on how to handle and use the equipment in order to get the best out of them and deliver best services always.

Rendering  good service within a minimal timeframe is our watchword.

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